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Hohm Designs offers unique recycled table-scapes and decor rentals for your rustic Eco-Friendly wedding in Rochester NY.
Unique Recycled Table-scapes and Decor for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding in Rochester
Unique recycled table-scapes and decor rentals for your rustic eco-friendly wedding in Rochester! Are you thinking about DIY-ing your wedding reception? Are you addicted to pinning stuff on Pinterest for your wedding? Or are you interested in sa ...
Commerical Photography in Rochester NY
University of Rochester’s Sports Hall of Fame: Coach Pat Stark
Coach Pat Stark is honored with a Legacy Fundraiser at the Univeristy of Rochester for his work with the Athletics Hall of Fame. Each year, I've been honored to document the annual Sports Hall of Fame awards dinner for the University of Rochester ...
rejecting the cell phone lifestyle
Recently, I nixed my cell phone service. The data plan stopped working when I was in Denver and it was really nice just checking email once a day! So, if you have my old 281 area code number, please delete it....
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