October 23, 2009

Workshop and Networking In PA

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This past weekend, I was honored to be invited to Altoona, PA to teach two Facebook workshops for area businesses. Tammy and Tamar from London/Wolfe Photography hosted and planned the workshop at their amazing studio in downtown Altoona. Both of these ladies are extremely talented and friendly Professional Photographers, so it was a blast hanging out with them! I met these women in April when I brought them to Rochester to teach their workshop the TamTamTour to the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers (I am the Program Chair this year). Tammy and I think so similarly that she is actually building my dream!! For years and years, dare I say a decade, I have had a goal in my head to run a coffee shop and Photography studio in the same building. Mostly because I spend so much of my time frequenting coffee shops myself. Well, Tammy is actually building a coffee shop in the front space of their studio! The colors, feel, look… everything is what I wish I could do. I had a great time helping them rearrange the space, redo their window displays and even invent my own coffee drink (the Yin+Yang: 1 shot reg. 1 shot decaf, soy milk, 1/2 shot vanilla 1/2 shot almond)! I even came up with a great idea for them to display coffee related art above the counter, between the menu boards and so I photographed these for them! That was fun!! Tammy practiced making the drinks and I photographed them as they were ready. Their sales room was a perfect location to photograph in because it has a warm homey feel. The workshops themselves were a success, and both classes filled! It was a great excuse to get to visit with Tammy and Tamar and pay for the trip. I met a lot of really nice people from many different businesses. I hope they got a lot out of the workshop and learned enough to sustain their viral marketing via Facebook. Tammy thinks I have a future in the lecture circuit with Photographers and we were brainstorming some ideas. She really liked my fresh eyes with regards to the look and feel of her studio and thinks that is one way I can help other photographers, since I am really great at brainstorming ideas.  Facebook is easy for me, so that is another area, however there are a lot of people out there teaching workshops on social networking. We’ll see where this takes me! Either way, it was awesome to drive down to PA during the Fall and to see some snow (they had snow!!).



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