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McKay’s Photography is known for producing stunning, 100% eco-friendly heirloom wedding albums that tell your perfect love story.

These are not your Grandparent’s wedding albums, but works of art that showcase the personalities of the people present and how it felt to be there that day. Your own Grandkids will love seeing how young you were and ‘meeting’ your friends and family through your wedding images.

Wedding Photo Ideas

I have one question for you… What are we going to do with the gorgeous photos you hire me to create? They can’t only end up on Facebook, can they? Let’s not let them sit in digital purgatory, getting lost on your computer…

Parent Albums

Save The Dates || Thank You Notes || Holiday Cards

Wall-Art Statement Pieces

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Meet Heather McKay

My name is Heather and I’m an internationally award-winning Wedding Photographer in Rochester NY for couples who love candid wedding images. My couples know that the wedding is just one day and would rather just elope, but love their family too much. They are really excited about the marriage but don’t like being in front of the camera or the center of attention. I help them enjoy their wedding day while I capture photos they can’t live without.


With nearly two decades of wedding photography experience, I offer a plethora of opinions on all things during the wedding planning process.


I specialize in small, intimate weddings at a rate of $525/hour. Traditional weddings are best served with 8-Hours of coverage (depending on guest count).


All booked clients receive a complimentary copy of my online course Free Flight Fundamentals! Did you know you can harness your wedding spending so you can earn a free honeymoon?

You’re busy and don’t want to meet with a million wedding photographers in Rochester, NY as you plan your wedding.

Well, guess what?

Push play and you can get to know how I approach documenting your wedding, get a sense of what I’m all about, and find out the best time of day to get married by watching this helpful video about wedding day timing.

Everything you could ever want to know can be found on my blog and YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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Want to See a Wedding Just Like Yours?

With nearly 20 years of wedding photography in Rochester, Buffalo, Adirondacks, Finger Lakes, Boston, NJ, Mozambique, and other places I’ve pretty much seen and done it all. If you dig around the blog, you’ll grab fun inspiration, read my wedding planning tips, hear from past clients about their wedding day, and find something similar to what you are planning. Enjoy!