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Marshall Street Bar & Grill menu and photography by McKay's Photography
Marshall Street Bar & Grill
If you have a craving for really good comfort food and room to actually play a game of pool, check out the new Marshall Street Bar & Grill in downtown Rochester.
Fearless Photographer NY
Urban Lesbian Wedding at High Falls with Janelle + Valerie
Well, this sure was fun fun fun. Janelle and Valerie had the perfect mix of romance + good times, friends + family. We had a gorgeous day down in Rochester's High Falls district with the wedding and reception at La Luna. The wedding day went s ...
Top Rochester NY Wedding Photography
South Wedge Wedding on the day of the Rapture
So, these two crazy love birds had a pretty explosive rise to the altar. And the wedding was no different. The ceremony was downstairs from the historic German House in Rochester's South Wedge neighborhood... downstairs in The Keg! The sun was shinin ...
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