Wedding at Genesee Valley Club with Brittany & Dan

rochester ny wedding photos in churchWell, this wedding was one heck of a way to finish an already wonderful wedding season! From start to finish, Brittany and Dan were a really laid back and fun couple to work with over this last year.

Their friends and families ended up being of no exception! Every single person that I met was friendly, relaxed, nice and happy to be in attendance.

How will I possibly be able to sum up this weekend? Normally, I go on and on describing in detail all of the wedding events…. I honestly think that would just take too long!

So, here were my highlights and noteworthy pieces:

* The rehearsal dinner was at the Lower Mill & Rabbit Room. Dan’s friend serenaded us with guitar all evening and the food was so amazing that Brittany kept making me put my camera down and try some!

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* As for the wedding day, everything ran really smoothly and we were lucky enough to be able to take the formal portraits outside prior to the wedding ceremony at Nazareth College.

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* The Groomsmen were more than putty in my hands… they would have let me photograph them all day long!

* Dan had to borrow Brittany’s handkerchief, more than once! For as often as she was laughing, he seemed to be tearing up.

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* The way Dan looks at Brittany is impossible to describe. It is with intensity and awe. When they walk together, their movements look like dancing.

* Julia, the Maid of Honor, was in a wedding with me last year as well. It was so wonderful to work with her again and see her parents. They are all so sweet and I’m blessed to have such happy and appreciative families to work with year after year.anthropologie inspired weddings

* Dan’s brother, Mike, was possibly the best Best Man I’ve had this year. Not to knock any of the other ones I’ve worked with, but if I had to give an award to the best of the best, he would win! Totally on the ball, aware of everything and everyone, touching and exceptional toast, friendly and helpful…. the list goes on.

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* Hiring professionals really goes a long way to having a stress free wedding day. Each and every vendor on this wedding was running a very tight ship. The result is that I was able to step way back and actually focus on just being the Photographer. All of the vendors were pleasant to work with and really did an exemplary job.

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* Speaking of exemplary, I was honored to have a good friend and great Photographer as my ‘lighting guy,’ ‘grip,’ ‘assistant’ or whatever you want to call him. Let’s just say that he makes my job easier, enables me to do more with limited time and by the end of the night Brittany & Dan were calling him by his nickname too. So, much thanks to Pat Luke for agreeing to work weddings with me. As a portrait photographer, your skill set really rounds out mine and you keep me sane.

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* The lucky Bride and Groom are spending their honeymoon in my old hometown of Austin, Texas!


Top Rochester Wedding Professionals:

Rochester Wedding Photographer: Heather McKay

Second Photographer/Lighting Genius: Pat “MacGuyver” Luke

Flowers: Sassafras   ||  Reception Location: Genesee Valley Club

DJ: Chris, All Around Sound  ||   Videography: Video Concepts Unlimited

Limo: Prestige  ||   Rehearsal Dinner: The Lower Mill Rabbit Room

3 thoughts on “Wedding at Genesee Valley Club with Brittany & Dan”

  1. These photos are absolutely amazing… Dan and I love every single one of them and can not stop smiling! Thank you Heather for capturing these special moments.

  2. Heather,
    Can’t wait to see “all” the photos…These are all so beautiful! What an eye you have in capturing the perfect picture! Love them all!
    Thanks so much!! You did a delightful job and so fun to work with!! Feel like you’re part of the family!!

  3. Thank you, ladies! I am so happy that you love them as much as I do. It was a fun day and everyone was such a pleasure to work with. When you have such amazing people to work with, like I do, everything just flows!

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