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fine art film photographers NY
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Katie
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Ah, Katie. My BFF. I adore this chick. Not many people can make me laugh as hard as she can. Not many people truly enable my Irish/Welsh heritage of consuming adult beverages like she can. We are frequently calling Be ...
Denver lifestyle Photography by Heather McKay
Denver Lifestyle Photography
whirl wind weekend in Denver, Colorado! It was an action packed weekend of snowboarding, two family portrait sessions, a geek out session with another client/photographer/friend and many hours in the Detroit Airport.
Old-time bluegrass musician photos Rochester NY
Bluegrass Musicians: The Varnish Cooks & Burning Boots
This morning it warmed up just enough to get Greg and I up early for a Portrait Session! Well, not too early... and we went for breakfast instead of starting right away. Jim’s Restaurant is good, cheap and fast so we started our day right! Once we wo ...
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