October 18, 2013

Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Photographer Danielle Zielinski

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Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Wedding Photographer Danielle Zielinski

Gorgeous, smart and talented, Danielle is one of my favorite Rochester Wedding Photographers. Early in my career, she was generous with her time, knowledge and letting me borrow sample wedding albums. A decade later, i’m happy to call her a fellow Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) and friend. Her positive energy is never wavering and she has an open heart to all she meets.

portrait of Danielle Zielinski in her photography studio

These years later, I am happy to finally be able to mentor her sometimes and give back all of the open minded guidance that she gave me. Here, we have Danielle in her new photography studio, taken using her studio lighting with my film camera: the Mamiya RB67. Danielle and I meet up with our CPP study group from time to time to test new gear, geek out over the latest software or just brush up on studio lighting. Ironically, we used her digital camera as a “polaroid back” to meter and check shadows! Ah, the irony here for us nerds.

Danielle is a classy person and classic photographer. She specializes in family portraiture and traditional weddings, and like me, provides high quality wedding albums to her clients.


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