October 4, 2013

Vintage Film Portrait Friday: My Snowboarding Buddy


Vintage Film Portrait Friday: My snowboarding buddy, John.

So, this crazy dude just rode his motorcycle to the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Yes, alone. He began near Boston, went over to Portland, OR and then up through Canada to Alaska. You can stalk him right here on his blog. It was surreal watching his Spot Tracker as he traveled!

spot tracker

This portrait was taken at the start of the trip when he rode through Rochester on his way out. It was a great visit with him as he had never been in my house and we even went over to see the brand new “micro Webber”.. Ian and Laura‘s new baby, Liam. I made him a bunch of home cooked meals and some cookies to fill his belly for the trip.

fine art film portrait photography

He just rode through again last night and his bike and gear are not as clean as in this shot. He made it though and has all of his appendages and a new beard. It was a nice visit and hopefully I’ll see him again on the slopes of Maine soon.

Really weird fun fact: So John and I had a lengthy discussion about all the times we should have met over the years and his attending a wedding I photographed in 2006….He said he saw a photo of he and his ex-girlfriend, standing in the church lobby. Maybe on my website? I didn’t believe him. I have a really good memory and I would think that I would have known about it or at least known who he was since I had heard his name for so many years… So we went to my hard drive and looked it up. Yup. Clear as day… Right there in the church lobby, like he said. Huh. He was right.

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