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Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Montgomery Alabama for Trisha & Neil’s offspring!
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: A sneak peek into my weekend in Montgomery,Alabama photographing the lovely and amazing Osuch/Romano family's new jewel... Emmy! To say this baby is loved would be the understatement of the year. McKay's Photography ...
NY Film Photographers
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Linda McFadden
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Renaissance (wo)man, Linda. She is one of my favorite drinking, biking and snowboarding buddies. Plus, she always knows amazing little-known bands that are playing in Rochester. The list of what she doesn't do profess ...
film portrait of Vivienne Scholl in front of the Seward House
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Vivienne
Vintage FILM Portrait FRIDAY: Vivienne Scholl Ah, Vivie! One of my oldest and dearest friends is on the East coast this week and I'm headed to Auburn to see her (and scope out the wedding ceremony location for one of my September weddings). Vi ...
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