Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Katie

Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Ah, Katie. My BFF.

I adore this chick. Not many people can make me laugh as hard as she can. Not many people truly enable my Irish/Welsh heritage of consuming adult beverages like she can. We are frequently calling Ben to come pick us up and take us home. These are some of the best days / nights I’ve had in years.

Even when we are being good girls, wacky things happen when we are together.

Vintage film portrait of Katie on her family farm in Victor

We met a few years ago when she was shopping for a Wedding Photographer. I got a great email from her on a Friday night saying that she had been stood up by another photographer, came home and immediately found me upon re-searching. We both knew that the other photographer had done us a favor and the universe was putting us together!

Ben, Katie and I all immediately hit it off and now, years later, I’m so happy to call them friends. Check out their PERFECT wedding right here.

This image was taken a week before the wedding when I went out to the family farm to scope the locations for the ceremony and reception. Ben gave me the grand tour of the 200 acre property and we plotted places for him to drop hay bales to use as seating for the bridal party’s formal portraits. It was a gorgeous Fall day and the dogs just followed us around.

film photography by Heather McKay

I took this with my favorite little vintage camera, the Ansco Titan rangefinder camera, using medium format film (120). I love the peacefulness of this, as this is how the day felt and also how at ease we already were with each other. Plus, the dogs are cute!