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Vintage Film Portrait Friday: Chris Clemens

Vintage FILM Portrait FRIDAY: Chris Clemens

Here is a sneak peek into my “Ginger Series” of vintage film portraits of the many red-headed/bearded people in my life. This is my pal, Chris Clemens and he is formerly 1/2 of the blogging duo responsible for Exploring the Burned Over District… a blog about sacred sites in NY and the Northeast. Chris also started a new blog called Exploring Upstate.

Exploring Upstate is a blog about all the cool & unique things you never knew Upstate/Western New York had to offer.

Film Portrait of Exploring Upstate blogger, Chris Clemens

A few years ago, Chris Clemens and I met at a First Friday (Rochester’s regular night of the month for art openings and other cultural outings) through mutual friends. I immediately thought he was interesting. Maybe it was just his glasses, who knows?

Over the years, Chris and I have become friends. Multiple times, I’ve had to let him know that not only are other people interesting, but that he is too! For some reason, he is always shocked by this. I’m sure we can all relate, right? Our inner dialog makes it impossible to see ourselves as others see us.  In addition, I also feel like I’m being his tour guide to the cool things to see or do in Rochester, though he grew up here and I did not. So, as you can imagine, I love reading his blogs and learning of his adventures every week. And sometimes he lets me tag along…

Images were taken on the newest camera addition to my arsenal, a medium format Mamiya RZ67. It is a beast of a camera, so generously sold to me by the awesome owners of Historic Houseparts! I’m in love with it.

Film Portrait of Exploring Upstate blogger, Chris Clemens