Unique Groomsmen Gifts

I recently tested out very unique groomsmen gifts (*ahem* or bridesmaids): whiskey stones! If anyone knows anything about me, its that I’m in love with whiskey, whisky and bourbon. All of it. However you spell it. Yes, please.

For the last few years, I’ve struggled with ways to keep my whiskey cold, without watering it down…. and then… I stumbled upon this great website for Groovy Groomsmen Gifts and saw that they have customizable whiskey stones! Sweet!

vintage rochester photography Heather McKay

For customization of my cool new whiskey chilling stones, I was having a hard time. I mean, I don’t have any of my own groomsmen. And then it happened! Myself and two other rocking ladies opened a boutique vintage store and photography studio in the heart of the South Wedge Neighborhood! So! That’s it! Perfect!

We 3 women owned businesses are inside The Grand and I thought these stones were a perfect way to cheers our new venture.

whiskey stones are a unique groomsmen gift idea

We even used the stones to actually keep the whiskey chilled during a recent styled shoot for the next edition of the South Wedge Quarterly Magazine. The theme is ‘birds and bees’, so we thought it fitting to mix our three businesses and do a little sexy photo shoot that hints at getting lucky. If you look closely, you can see the wonderful whiskey stones in the glass. Yes, I was indeed drinking that whiskey while photographing. Oops. Don’t tell!

unique groomsmen gifts

So, if you are shopping for unique groomsmen gifts, check out groovygroomsmengifts.com. they have soooooo many really interesting ideas and everything on the site can be customized!

This would actually make a pretty cool camera bag: combat travel bag

Jeremy used the site for all of his groomsmen gifts, and I loved it so much!

unique groomsmen gift ideasunique groomsmen gift ideas

He also found these ah-mazing sunglasses made out of old whiskey barrels! WHAT? Yesssssss!

Small Batch Eyewear

What did you get your guys that you love? Or what groomsmen gift did you receive that you use all the time?? Let me and others know by sharing below…