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Top 10 Best Parenting Blogs by MindfullyFrugalMom

Sarah White BloggerToday we have a guest blog post on the Top 10 Best Parenting Blogs from the Mindfully Frugal Mom Blogger: Sarah! We recently met at a TEDxRochester event through a mutual friend, Chris Clemens, and hit-it-off!

Sarah is all about living a frugal, earth-friendly lifestyle without going crazy or giving up coffee (aren’t those the same thing?).  A self-proclaimed social media guru (or addict?), she blogs about how to save money, live greener, and have a damn good time doing it.

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Top 10 Best Parenting Blogs that Help and Won’t make You Feel Like Shit About Yourself:

1. Parenting with Crappy Pictures – This is my first stop when I am having a difficult parenting day. Amber Dusick sees the absurdity of life with small children, and somehow morphs that absurdity into genius doodles that will have you snorting your coffee on the keyboard. You may have already seen one of her most popular posts, Shopping at Target.

She has recently published two books, which would make GREAT baby shower gifts: Marriage Illustrated with Crappy Pictures and Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures

2. Free Range Parenting – Lenore Skenazy came under massive fire several years ago when she allowed her then-9-year-old son to ride the NYC subway home.  (I don’t think it’s a big deal, by the way – her son was born and raised in NYC and knew the stops better than most adults). Her blog, and of course, book, Free Range Kids, is a refreshing anti-helicopter-parent screed on letting kids :gasp: make their own mistakes without constant parental involvement.

3. Baby Cheapskate – For parents of younger children and especially babies, this site is a MUST. They feature a weekly roundup of all the best diaper and formula deals, making it easy to save the most money every week.  There are also articles about which toys get played with most, and how to choose a car seat -crucial information, especially for new parents.

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4. Weelicious – If getting your kids to eat healthy foods by making it fun for them is any sort of priority, Weelicious’s founder, Catherine McCord, is your gal. Granted, she lives in SoCal, so she is surrounded by an abundance of fresh produce from the year-round farmer’s markets, but she has workable, down-to-earth recipes that kids can actually make by themselves. I have 2 of her cookbooks, and they are chock-full of recipes that my kids actually love and will eat. And she’s not preachy, either, which is refreshing among organic food writers.

5. Cloth Diaper Geek – Crunchy mamas LOVE this blog! My favorite feature is the cloth diaper calculator.  This will help you determine how much money you are saving by using cloth diapers throughout your child’s diapering life (of course, if you have more than 1 child in cloth, you’ll save even more).

6. Scary Mommy – Judging by her nearly 900,000 Facebook followers, Scary Mommy is pretty popular lately. Sure, she’s had a few viral videos. But make sure to check out her “12 Weirdest Things I’ve Done as a Parent”. It hasn’t quite made the Facebook rounds yet but is SO relatable.

7. SouleMama – SouleMama shares her homesteading, natural parenting adventures through gorgeous photography and beautiful craft ideas.  Listen, I know I’m never going to do half of the crafts she features, but they’re pretty to look at.

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8. PhD In Parenting – I have admired Annie from PhD In Parenting since my firstborn was an infant. When I finally met her in person at a conference a few months ago, I was just gobsmacked by her frankness, her sense of social justice, and her guttural, addictive laugh.   For parents who care about how society impacts our parenting choices (and vice versa), this is a must-read.

9. Momastery –  Equal parts humor, confession, and inspiration, Glennon is raw, real, and in the trenches of parenting. She writes honestly about her past struggles with addiction, and her current struggles with parenting. I am in love with one of her viral posts: “How to Watch your Kid’s Sports Game without Being a Jerk

10. Teacher Tom – Teacher Tom runs an outdoor play-based preschool in Seattle. His blog, though pretty bare-bones, is chock full of inspiration for raising independent children. One of my favorite quotes: I have ideas and theories and experiences, but I’ve found that life is mostly about showing up, exchanging pleasantries with the other people you find there, then getting busy figuring it out with the resources at hand.”  

What do you think? Is there something out there that has really helped you with your own parenting journey?? Please comment below! You can also read other posts from Heather’s Mom right here on her blog by searching “Family Planning“.