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Little known tips for having a super smooth wedding day

From Behind the Scenes: a guest blog post by the wonderful Emily Ambrose, the Events Coordinator for the Inns of Aurora located in Aurora, New York.

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There are millions of wedding lists out there: everyone, from your mom (hi, mom!) to Martha Stewart (although I admit, she is an expert!) are happy to weigh in on how to throw the perfect wedding day. However, there are a couple of elements you may not even consider that contribute to making your day not only beautiful and fun for all of your guests, but also, effortless. The best weddings are the ones that appear as if by magic: without a wrinkled tablecloth or a stray dandelion to be found.

Here is another list for you—but a list of all of the unexpected little components that add up to make one, big, important day. Follow these tips for a super smooth wedding day!

Venue and vendor relationship – Choosing your venue is of course, one of the first, and one of the most important, steps you’ll take while planning your wedding. But, it’s also important that your venue and your vendors complement one another. It shows when your photographer/caterer/florist, etc. likes where they’re working. Ask your venue if they have a preferred vendors list, or care to make any recommendations.

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• Event order — An all-important but lesser-known element, the event order is absolutely crucial to the big day! This document helps your venue keep all of the minute details in order, to ensure that everything happens exactly as it should, when it should, and where it should! (That’s the piece of paper your wedding planner is clutching to as she/he sprints from one end of the lawn to the other.) The event order will list everything from where everyone should be during photos to what hors d’oeuvres will be served during cocktail hour.

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Heather Davidson, Bride Whisperer

The event team — We are so, so lucky to have such a hard-working, talented team at the Inns of Aurora. Leading the pack is our resident Bride Whisperer/Event Wizard, Heather Davidson. However, she is the first to admit that her crackerjack banquet team is instrumental to making the magic happen. A strong banquet and events team also makes good use of the event order, and has a great relationship with the outside vendors as well—see how things can fall together?!

Timing your wedding — People frequently assume that they need to host a summer wedding (for ease of travel and good weather) or a weekend wedding (for their guests’ convenience). But really, the timing of your wedding should really and truly be about you and your partner, and what makes you most comfortable. Was your first date in November? Then commemorate the occasion with a wedding celebration! Destination wedding? Then why not try a Friday? Your guests will love the excuse to take a long weekend off of work.

Finger Lakes Wedding Photography at the Inns of Aurora by McKay's Photography

Every newlywed, wedding planner, and mother-in-law-to-be will gladly give you a bunch of advice on how to best orchestrate your smooth wedding day, but in the end, follow your intuition. I always tell the awesome couples I work with that it’s up to them to decide what will make them happiest—and to follow their hearts when planning their wedding. After all, that’s what brought them to this point in the first place.