Tiny Wedding in the Adirondacks with Brett and Natalie

Brett and Natalie held a perfect Fall wedding in the Adirondacks, with just immediate family present… and this was planned pre-pandemic for a tiny wedding win!

If anyone has been on my blog for a while, you may already know that I looooove smaller weddings and over the last several years have been pivoting to the intimate-wedding crowd. Other photographers haven’t wanted to do them because they don’t appear to garner the same high dollar sales. 

However, as I’m getting older and have been doing weddings since forever, I’ve come to LOVE the smaller, more intimate weddings and love serving this niche photography market.

As soon as I made the mental decision to only take weddings that were:

  1. small weddings (under 75 guests)
  2. in the Adirondacks

that’s the week that Natalie and Brett reached out about photographing their tiny wedding in the Adirondacks at the Woods Inn.

Covid-era Tiny Wedding at the Woods Inn

What I loved most about Brett and Natalie’s plans was that they wanted to just keep things light and simple. No fuss, no muss. Just their immediate family members, a short wedding ceremony, and a nice dinner at the Woods Inn.

I was immediately in love with the both of them. Down-to-earth and practice. My kind of people.

I love that Natalie found a dress online that fit perfectly and could be paid for with cash and I love even more that she made Brett’s tie.

Everything about the couple and their plans made me feel the love between the two of them, including that they got ready together.

2020 Pandemic Era Wedding Ceremony

Once the happy couple was ready, we simply walked down to the lake together in front of their closest family members for a short and sweet pandemic-approved wedding ceremony.

We were social distanced and wearing masks, which ended up part of the fashion statement too.

Gorgeous Fall Wedding Venue: The Woods Inn

After the quick wedding ceremony, we captured the heirloom family portraits, photos of the newlyweds on the dock, and then headed into the private dining room for dinner.

As per usual with McKay’s photography weddings… we had a sunny and warm wedding day! My sunny day guarantee struck again! Success!

Intimate Wedding Dinner

The wedding reception was a simple, yet amazing, dinner in the Woods Inn with a door open to let the air circulate and masks on and off as needed.

What an honor to be one of the few people present to witness this beautiful union during such an interesting year. With only 12 people present, it was hard to blend in and not take attention all on my own.

However, when nerdy discussions about genealogy take on a life of their own, I guess it’s alright.

Congratulations to Natalie and Brett! It was such a gorgeous day and it was lovely to be the one to capture it all for you. Stay tuned for the remaining images, which will be available very soon.