The Webber’s Rustic Wedding at the Rabbit Room

What a whirlwind week for me with TONS of super old RIT friends in town for this most recent rustic Rabbit Room/Lower Mill wedding! I got a little behind on the ‘ole blog. My apologies!


This wedding was a long time coming. For several reasons… For me, it was an absolute honor to photograph the wedding of someone that I met when I was 18! Ian and I went to the Rochester Institute of Technology together and we were in the same Photo I class freshman year! So, skip forward nearly 20 years (yikes!) and not only did I witness but participate in, this amazing day. Truly an emotional experience. Add that to the fact that he was marrying Laura…and you have a recipe for bliss.

When Ian and Laura told me they were engaged, I was through the moon! Garrett (the officiant and good friend) summed it up best during the ceremony, so I won’t try here. What I will say is that they are both so busy enjoying life that I never get to see them. Whether it be running the Pikes Peak Marathon or Bristol Mountain’s Muddy Sneaker race, these two never stop their adventures. So, when Ian called to share the big news and hire my services, my response was “Yay! I get to see you this year!!”


All of our ‘wedding meetings’ have basically been Ian cooking for us, with Laura and I talking wedding. Ian and I would occasionally geek out over cameras and Laura would humor us. A great reason to catch up and hang out.

The wedding was about the same. Very low-key and relaxing. Ian and Laura had a ‘first look’ with a pint of beer, overlooking Honeoye Falls. It was a gorgeous Fall day, with only a hint of drizzle. It was just a bit too damp and chilly, so the wedding ceremony ended up being indoors (though both of them are so hardcore that they actually still wanted it outdoors).


The rest of the evening was really fun and full of love. And Apple iPads. Well, on Webber’s side. The best quote of the night was this: “iPad score: Webbers – 4, Williams – 0!”

Another notable awesomeness: the current gallery exhibit at the Rabbit Room was of vintage film cameras (Lori Horton: Gramma’s Cameras)! SO fitting for Ian and me… Ian even had his Kodak Brownie camera and took photos of Laura. We don’t fake our vintage wedding photos here at McKay’s Photography! If you see a cute vintage film camera…. it IS being used!

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Well, I could go on and on about this wedding for weeks. I’ll stop here. Webber and Laura, it was an absolute pleasure and honor to be your wedding photographer! Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting me be such a big part of your day. I hope your trip to Patagonia is fun and safe and you come back with tons of pictures. I can’t wait to hear all about it.