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Geneseo Weddings: Sweet Briar Wedding for Pete & Lisa

After a long and hot summer last year, it was a pure treat to have a mild spring day for this outdoor Sweet Briar wedding in the Finger Lakes. The wind was whipping and it was sunny and 65 degrees. A beautiful wedding day, if you ask me. Pete and Lisa were married at Sweet Briar Inn and Spa near Geneseo and we even had a gorgeous sunset. It was a small, classic and simple affair.
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Lisa and Pete both got ready at the beautiful and historic Sweet Briar Inn and Spa. These logistics made it easy to capture both of them getting ready and to maximize the hours of wedding photography coverage. With this location, there is plenty of space to move around and also sneak and hide. The ceremony began as the sun was beginning it’s descent in the sky, and Pete & Lisa had a touching full ceremony over looking the valley below.

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Two things really struck me about this particular wedding:

* Pete is the ONLY person in my 10 years as a wedding photographer to actually bring me a satellite printout of the location as well as a half hour by half hour diagram giving me the exact angles of the sunset. Complete with ‘magic hour’ listed. Oh, Pete, I love that you know what magic hour is and that you are planning for it with me! Gold star to you, my friend.

* Lisa looks up to Pete. Literally and figuratively. All day, I kept seeing her just look right up to Pete and just smile. Clearly he is a sense of wonder and calm for her and it shows in every image I took.

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It was a really great day. All of the families and friends were really chatty and nice to work with and the day went smoothly. Two guests were telling me about their days as former wedding photographers and one gentleman said that he recently scanned his 4×5 negatives into his computer from his own wedding: 49 years ago! Oh, the stories they he had for me. Sir, I’d love to see your wedding album…

For now, here is a sneak peek at my favorite images from the wedding day. The rest will be available in 4-6 weeks and can be found by clicking the ‘store’ tab above. Enjoy!

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Wedding Ceremony & Tent Reception: Sweet Briar Radiance Inn and Spa

Wedding Photographer: Heather McKay

Wedding Cake: Cheesy Eddies

Wedding Rings: The Gem Lab

Wedding Florist: All About Flowers

Music by Marc & Liz