February 25, 2013

Super Snowy Engagement Pictures


What happens when a Georgia couple gets engaged and hires a Fearless Photographer? Well, they get their engagement photos taken in a snow storm in Upstate NY for super snowy engagement photos, that’s what.

super snowy engagement photos

super snowy engagement photosAshley and Garon were visiting over the Christmas holiday and so I did my little snow dance for big puffy flakes. I must have been good this year because the day was exactly what I hoped for.

These two troopers were gorgeous and I ruined it with the cold and the snow. We met up at the brewery in Honeoye Falls and I gave them the plan of attack.

The entire engagement session (even with their dogs) took maybe 20 minutes and then we were all warm again. It was a blast and I laughed my head off the entire time. Neither Garon nor the dogs knew what to make of all the snow, yet they all enjoyed it for sure.

Afterwards, we all went back to Ashley’s parent’s house to scope out the ceremony location. It is not hard to imagine how amazingly beautiful their ceremony will be on this family property in the heat of summer… not even when it is covered in snow. The land and home are gorgeous and have the perfect spot for an intimate wedding ceremony.

destination wedding photographers in NY state

Though I had to break someone else’s heart that was wanting to book me for the same wedding date, I’m really very happy that I’ll be working with Ashley, Garon and their families this year. The energy beaming off of everyone I’ve met has been warm and welcoming and we are all very excited to see what images are to come… Their Honeoye Falls wedding photos are right here!

Check out their awesome Save the Date postcards I designed especially for them…

super snowy engagement photoswedding save the date for Ashley & Garon

Check out their custom wedding signature guestbook:

Ashley 16:02 July 12, 2013

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