September 25, 2011

Tim & Tom’s Intimate Artisan Works Wedding

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Another Artisan Works wedding! This time for the small and intimate wedding for Tim & Tom. Same sex marriage became legal in New York in June this year! This is a wonderful step in the right direction, as NY is now the most populous state to legally wed gay couples. The mood was the same as any wedding, except there was a big cheer when they walked down the aisle together. And both Moms cried. This was an emotional day with just the closest of friends and family.

gay weddings in NY

Tim and Tom have been together for 7 years, and the peace and love they quietly display is evident from the first few seconds of meeting them. As members of Artisan Works and avid amateur photographers, I was delighted to be the chosen Photographer for their event. It was fun capturing AW for a couple who is familiar with the art and big fans of the space. The gallery has changed a lot over the years and we explored the new additions together.

I forgot how nice smaller weddings are, both as a participant and as the Photographer. I really just focused on capturing the essence of the space and the essence of the event. Tim made me laugh so hard during the cake cutting that I thought I couldn’t contain myself. Seriously, the funniest comments about that tradition that I’ve ever heard. I have a feeling I’m the only one that heard them…. and after 9 years of photographing weddings, I’m surprised no one has made those jokes before.

Small Artisan Works wedding for gay couple

Tom & Tim, thank you so much for having me document your wedding day. It was a lot of fun and also a pleasure. I appreciate you being my first official same-sex wedding couple too! Being fellow photographers, it was nice to see how comfortable you were in front of my lens! Congratulations again!

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