The Most Fun at a Hurd Orchards Wedding

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What a beautiful day for a beautiful couple! The happy Buffalo wedding couple held a gorgeous Springtime wedding at the ever-glorious and rustic Hurd Orchards fruit farm near Rochester.

The sun was shining, the air was cool, the banjo was playing, and the red wagons were commandeered for races during the wedding reception.

Are You Looking for a Barn Wedding Venue??

Hurd Orchards is a rustic, elegant and sustainable wedding venue for an outdoor ceremony and reception with their old barn for offbeat weddings.

Well, not all barn weddings are the same! Hurd Orchards is easily my favorite wedding venue near Rochester and Buffalo for several reasons.

  • The barn is situated in such a way that the lighting is dreamy all day long.
  • Because this is an active fruit farm, the drainage is AH-mazing! Seriously, I’ve seen it monsoon the day before the wedding, however, on the wedding day, the ground is completely dry.
  • They arrange stunning fresh, seasonal flower arrangements that would be thousands of dollars worth if you brought in a florist.
  • Also, did I mention the food?? How about a GIANT bowl full of freshly picked fruit during your cocktail hour!
  • There are three wonderful choices for your outdoor wedding ceremony layout, and all of them are beautiful.

I could go on and on and on about my love for weddings at Hurd Orchards Farm. Do yourself a favor and head over to one of their many luncheon tastings and treat-yo-self.

rustic outdoor wedding venues with Barn wedding reception near Buffalo and Rochester for outdoor wedding ceremony

The Perfect Barn Wedding Venues in NY

The Bride and I started at the White Farm Bed & Breakfast and then headed over to Hurd Orchards for the family formals.

Everything went like clockwork and I was able to get all of the family formals finished before the ceremony!

Both families were really laid back and easy to navigate, even if we did have to play hide and seek with the bright sunshine.

Airbnb rentals near Spencerport for wedding photos
Airbnb rentals near Spencerport for wedding photos
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The ceremony started right on time in tune to the music by the Creek Bend Bluegrass Band! The Bride and Groom wrote their vows and everyone went from laughter to tears listening.

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Bluegrass band for weddings in Upstate NY

Right after the ceremony, we snuck in a big group shot with everyone in attendance then the real party started!

Bride and Groom playing croquet during their wedding reception
Rochester Barn wedding venues
Rochester Barn wedding venues
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Hurd Orchards Family-Owned Fruit Farm Wedding

The reception was located inside the barn at Hurd Orchards and an adjacent tent with a beautiful and cool evening.

Hurd Orchards did a beautiful job baking the pies and cake and preparing all of the food. I had rhubarb sauce for the first time and it was yummy!

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There was a makeshift photo booth, croquet and someone commandeered the Red Flyer wagons for racing downhill!

All while enjoying local beer and wine from Upstate NY.


The reception was SO MUCH FUN! The Skiffle Minstrels played a wide variety of zydeco, swing, and bluegrass influenced music and so many people were dancing that tables had to be moved.

The party was hopping inside and outside was no different!

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Well, I will just let the images speak for themselves! 

I was so excited to see so many film cameras being used and it was really flattering when at one point each of the fathers came over to me to thank me for being so fun to work with.

Wow, if I can win over Dads, then I feel like I’m doing something right!

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best wedding photographer in Rochester
best wedding photographer in Rochester
candid wedding photographers in Rochester NY

Needless to say, this wedding was right up my alley and I thank Alison and Trevor for having me be such a big part of their day! It was truly my honor to party with you two and meet your families!

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  1. Kathleen, The Bride's Mother

    Heather….We were honored to have you recording this most special and auspicious occasion. You were positively the best! You did an amazing job of capturing the spirit of the day and the love & happiness experienced by all. Thank you for being a part….a big part of our day!

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