Rochester Skatepark Update

Rochester Skate Park Project

Our first major feasibility study and design for the future Rochester Skatepark was recently completed with a $50,000 grant. The city held three public design workshops to gather input from the skateboard, BMX and Inline (rollerblade) communities on the layout and design of the proposed skatepark complex.

Rochester Skate Park public meetings

Rochester Skate Park public meetings

And then this happened:

The city offered us a new location.

* The new spot solves several issues with the location under the bridge. First, the new place has to park. It also has MORE space + money already set aside. All three of those things are huge.

* My only disappointment is that I bike under that bridge a lot and was really looking forward to the safety that a skatepark would offer that dead space. Read about my experience here.

Rochester Skate Park Project

Not So Fun Fact: Out of the top 125 US cities by population, Rochester is one of two cities without a public skatepark. The other city is building theirs this summer….

You can help today by writing our city officials to show support for the Roc City Skatepark.

Donations can be made via PayPal to

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