May 14, 2010

Greater Rochester Professional Photographers Meeting with Tomas Flint


What a FUN and INSPIRING evening with the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers and Tomas Flint! Our May meeting topic was about “discovery, love, risk, connection, personal evolution…all of the things that make us individuals and our work a direct reflection of that.”

top destination wedding photographer Tom Flint

Greater Rochester Professional Photographers meeting

Tom Flint was recently named one of the top 3 Wedding photographers in the world by International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers and he’s right here in our home town! His use of negative space and contrast in his images is really inspiring. Not only is his work amazing, Tom is amazingly warm and open and real. From the moment I met him, I felt like I’ve known him for years and feel like I will know him for years. Just such a sweet, honest, interested person. Not to mention that like me, he is a Leo and a middle child…. so of course I dig him.

Our GRPP meetings this year have been outstanding! We have had a huge turnout each month and everyone seems to be bonding in big ways. This month, it was nice to see so many new faces and non-members attend! It was such a success that I had to kick everyone out and send them next door to Good Luck for drinks. I believe a few of them closed that place down! I was sick and headed home as soon as I could, so I can’t say. I can say that the night was a blast, even with my super awful cold I’ve been fighting this week.

Tom was inspiring and reminded me of some things that I used to hold dear to my heart about my work and my art. He talked about how we all have a gift, we all are special, we all are the perfect version of ourselves and should live authentically. Everything will work itself out if we are authentic to who we are and get out of our own way! Tom and I got into a discussion later about how important it is for us to remember that we are working with people. That connection is very important. I shared with him my experience last September with the Romano Family and the loss they endured. The BLOG post is here….


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