September 11, 2011

Anniversary of 9/11

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Remembering 9/11: I woke up this morning, after a most excellent wedding yesterday, feeling like I just wanted to ignore the 10th Anniversary of 9/11. Thinking that it didn’t really affect me. As the morning goes on, I am finding it really hard to not reflect on that day. For everyone in the US, there is the emotion of remembering where you were, what you were doing, the sheer bravery we witnessed on TV and the stories we heard on the radio, thinking of friends and family in Manhattan. Trying to call people there.

remembering 9/11 10th Anniversary with twin tower skyline in NYC

10 years ago, I was working at a job that I knew would be ending eventually. With people I did not like. I felt like I was wasting my degree in Photography on a dead end retail job. At the time, I was a regional trainer for retail photo labs and was supposed to drive to Buffalo to visit one employee I really disliked.

The terrorist attacks were a wake up call for me, as they were for a lot of people. What am I doing with my life? Is this the best use of my time on earth? Who is most important to me? Do I make a difference in people’s lives?

Another thought running through my mind all day was that on July 4, 2001, I was on top of the World Trade Center with my family. My Dad had biked with the Houston Police Department Bike Relay Team as part of their 20th Anniversary celebration. They rode bicycles from Houston to LA to NYC to raise money for the Leukemia Society. To think that I had just been there. Standing in that spot. On July 4th of all days…

Seeing my Dad doing something so amazing, coupled with the giant wake up call that was the terrorist attacks, really started gears turning inside my head. This laid the groundwork for the motivation to stop holding myself back. It laid the groundwork for my realization that I can have a better life.

Skip forward to today. I can’t believe that I am near my 10 year anniversary of photographing people’s weddings. More honestly, I can’t believe that I still love my job. I woke up this morning feeling blessed that not only do I love my job and the people I get to work with, but they seem to really appreciate me as well. I feel honored that I get to create heirlooms for new families being created and that I get to make new friends in the process. To be a full time Photographer is a blessing and a dream.

I am no hero like brave Fire Fighters and Police Officers, however hopefully my time spent on this earth will bring some small joy to other’s lives in one way or another. To wake up each day and choose to be a better person. To be happy.

My thoughts today are with all of the people who didn’t have the positive reaction that I ended up having. To all the families who lost a loved one and have such an event define their lives… I can’t even comprehend the toll this has taken on so many people all over the world….

What are you doing today while remembering 9/11?


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