Ah, the ever important questions of “how much?” and “what are your wedding prices?”  Sure, they are important, but not quite the right questions. They also should not be the first question for your wedding photographer.

Wedding Photography prices in Rochester NY: McKay's Photography

My pricing structure is pretty simple. You are paying up front for my skill, knowledge and the authentic experience of being part of the McKay’s Photography family. After that, fees are very fairly priced and routinely I find myself being entirely too generous. I don’t include ‘fluff’ in my packages like other photographers.

In 30 years, when your kids are getting married, you’ll be talking about what your day was like and showing off your favorite images… and they will make fun of your hairdo and cell phones… My question to you is: “What do you want as a tangible end result from your Photographer?”

A top quality Photographer can make a low budget wedding look high end. The reverse is not true…


Wedding Photography Prices:

You can estimate $425/hour for most events and most weddings require 8 hours of coverage to document the day properly ($3400). A small wedding 2 miles from my house with 35 guests is very different than a 5 day destination wedding... and this is why I use an hourly rate.

  • Please include your wedding dynamics when emailing me for a quote.
  • Once I know what you have planned, I can tell you exactly how many hours you need and what size wedding album is appropriate.

wedding photography prices

What's a 'normal' package?

90% of weddings are best served with 8 hours of coverage. Most of my weddings are evening weddings (ceremony around 5PM) and I’ll work 2-10 PM.

Digital files vs. wedding album?

If you receive the digital files from your photographer, you will NEVER actually order or create your heirloom wedding album. Yes, it’s true. even if you have an album included in your package. I’m serious.

What about wedding albums?

OMG!! This is my favorite part!! For reals! You need a wedding album and as an artist I need to create one. Most women like shoes and have the perfect ones for each outfit, right? …. Well, for me it is the wedding album!

The process will be easy and simple and you will receive the perfect album to represent your taste and wedding.

  • You can purchase your album after your wedding and this is actually what I recommend. Counter intuitive, I know. Trust me.
  • Most of my couples end up spending around $2500 on their final wedding album. Yeah, I know that sounds like a lot, however you probably will too.
  • Yes, you can bundle an album in your package when booking and when you do, you receive 15% off.

I'm not sure about an Engagement Session:

An engagement experience is a way to gain experience with your photographer and for your photographer to get to know you and your weird photo taking faces. Personally, I don’t include them because my couples either don’t live in Rochester or don’t really care about what you are ‘supposed’ to do. That being said, when I capture engagements, I plan out an actual experience that feels like a normal date night for you. Where do you go together? What are your mutual hobbies? I cater to your reality, not just some random park. Check out this Brooklyn Engagement where we documented the progress of their relationship!

Can you help me plan the perfect wedding?

Absolutely! This is what I do. From the timeline, to venues and other vendors, my couples receive my 15 years worth of opinions/experience included. If you want to have FUN at your wedding and forget you even took formal portraits, then I’m your girl.

What is the booking process?

Unless you are having a tiny wedding, I require a non-refundable retainer of $1000 to hold the event date and a signed contract. For tiny weddings, I require 50% as the retainer.

Do you include a second photographer?

Personally, I find additional photographer distracting and I usually delete most of their images. I bring them only when necessary (a ginormous wedding party or guest count). When I do bring someone else with me, they are another established professional like myself. Only a true full-time wedding photographer will do, therefore I charge $600 so that I can pay them a prime rate.

  • Most photographers include a second photographer who is really just their spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend and not an actual trained photographer. SO, do your homework. It’s not apples to apples, typically.
  • Newer photographers who want to work with me are roped into being my lighting assistant, as that is what is actually most helpful. I can get crazy cool images this way and I’ll include a lighting assistant at no charge.