Ah, the ever important questions of “how much?” and “what are your wedding prices?”  Sure, they are important, but not quite the right questions. They also should not be the first question for your wedding photographer.

In 30 years, when your kids are getting married, you’ll be talking about what your day was like and showing off your favorite images… and they will make fun of your hairdo and cell phones… My question to you is: “What do you want as a tangible end result from your Photographer?”


What should you budget for your wedding photographer?

Prices for Wedding Photographers in Rochester NY: McKay's Photography

My recommendations when hiring your Wedding Photographer:

We all include different options, depending on the lifestyle that we want to live. So, please find the perfect Photographer for you (visual style + personality), then budget around what they charge. This is much better for your long term happiness than creating a magic budget and then trying to find a Photographer that fits.

A top quality Photographer can make a low budget wedding look high end. The reverse is not true…


“Ok, so what are your prices, Heather?”

You can estimate $425/hour for most events. Saturday weddings between June-October require a 7-8 hour commitment. When you email me for a quote, please include info about your event or family. A small wedding 2 miles from my house with 35 guests is very different than a 5 day destination wedding...

My pricing structure is pretty simple. You are paying up front for my skill, knowledge and the authentic experience of being part of the McKay’s Photography family. After that, fees are very fairly priced and routinely I find myself being entirely too generous. I don’t include ‘fluff’ in my packages like other photographers. What I do instead is give you a flat discount for bundling and offer flexible payment plans.


Here are my opinions on weddings:

  • 90% of weddings are best served with 7-8 hours of coverage
  • Albums should be purchased after the wedding, not right now (Exceptions: your parents are insist or you are having kids right away)
  • Engagement sessions are really only needed if you are nervous about being in front of the camera or just don’t have many pictures of yourselves as a couple
  • If you have more than 200 guests or 5 Bridal Party members on each side, then a Second Photographer is recommended
  • I do not charge travel fees within the Greater Rochester area. If you are awesome, then I won’t charge for Canandaigua, Honeoye Falls, Honeoye Lake, Hurd Orchards. I have friends and family in certain destination wedding locations too, so…
  • If you purchase the digital files from your wedding (or receive them), you will NEVER order/create an album. I guarantee it. Read about that right here.