Photography 101: Black and White vs. Color?

Photography 101: Black and White vs. Color

Have you ever wanted to see a color image that was processed in black and white? To be honest, it’s kind of a pain in the butt to go back and pull the color image just to show you what it looked like. As a professional wedding photographer, I ask you to just trust me and my artistic instincts. However, maybe you are curious about my thought process while I’m editing wedding photos and why I did think it was best to be in B&W?

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Either way, today I’m walking you through my editing process for wedding reception photos with some cropping, color balancing and most importantly: how I choose black and white vs. color for the most impact. Telling the story of the day is of utmost importance and all over the web you will see images that would have transcended mediocrity if they were only converted to black & white.


Photography 101: Black and White vs. Color?


In my video “Photography 101: black and white vs. color”, you will see me discuss the pros and cons of color in an image, how to remove distracting elements, and how a few small tweaks make a great image even better. The process is the same for any image!

Once you have watched the video, check out my web galleries and see if you notice the difference. Do you see images with color that just POPS? Do the black & white images have more emotional impact? How flattering are the images in black and white vs. color?

Leave your thoughts and comments here or on the YouTube video and share with your photographer friends.