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1000 Island family photography
Film Portrait Friday: A weekend in the life of the Reeve family: 1000 Island family photography
Vintage Film Portrait Friday: The Reeve / Backo family, 1000 Island family photography! For the last few years, I've switched back to film for my portrait work and at the same time, added in weekend destination day-in-the-life photography experien ...
fine art film photography of the Oregon Coast
Film Friday: Oregon Beach Wedding Photos
Vintage Film Portrait Friday:  The Oregon wedding! A mini reunion with friends that lived in Rochester while getting PhDs at the University of Rochester. What a treat to be able to capture some friends on my fun film camera while at Emily & Ch ...
Criccith Castle in Wales
Vacation to Wales
Trisha & Neil's wedding images are now online! That means that I am free to leave the country! HA! Anyway, I will be out of the office and away from the business until Sept. 30th. This is a much needed family trip, so all patience while I am away is ...
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