The Perfect Destination Wedding Proposal

By now you have gotten to know this lovely person you are with and you have come to the conclusion that you want to spend the rest of your life with them.

You want to propose, but you also want it to be unique and unforgettable.

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The idea of an engagement ring over the dessert plate just doesn’t do it for you. Here is an idea that will make your proposal one that will never be forgotten…

Instead of planning a destination wedding, suggest a luxury vacation to a romantic place like Hawaii.

  • Set the date out far enough to allow you time to prepare.
  • Order tour packages and all-inclusive deals from places like Hawaii and begin your plan.
  • Enlist the help of a friend or family member to set up a free Honeyfund account.
  • Make sure the account is set-up to say it is TOP SECRET for wedding expenses. Your guests can contribute to the wedding in lieu of a wedding or engagement gifts.

Things like hotel expenses, romantic dinners, the wedding gown, transportation, and activities are all listed and your guest’s chip in, as a way to wish you well.

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Choose a romantic hotel, overlooking the sea. Plan your activities around romance and adventure. There are so many beautiful sites and experiences on the islands, you will not find it hard to do. Visit ancient volcanic, black sand beaches, enjoy a luau, or go diving.

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Do some research on wedding packages that are available where you are going. A small wedding on the beach with a reception at sundown is beautiful.

  • Ask your hotel what kind of venue and package they can provide.
  • Keep the number of guests low, as this is a private and personal event and people will have to travel to attend.
  • As the time nears, choose a florist, caterer, baker, and minister or official to perform the ceremony.

You can start dealing with the wedding gown, however, ordering one has never been easier. Select a beautiful hand-crafted dress online on, then get a sample sent to your house.

Planning the Perfect Destination Wedding Proposal

Roughly six months before the event, arrange a dinner or a small party. The theme of the party is the “Hawaiian vacation”. Present your partner with travel goodies such as luggage, swimsuits, video cameras, gift certificates for tanning, and create a computer presentation of the wonderful adventures you have planned.

At the end of your presentation, present them with a beautiful gift box that includes airline tickets, itineraries, and travel brochures. On top of the paperwork, place an engagement ring and a card that reads, “Let’s make this a vacation that begins forever. Will you marry me?”

You can review all the details later. The Plumfund account will relieve any worries they may have. They have six months to finalize the details and get their wedding attire. Any money left over can go for the honeymoon.

By using the proper channels, you can have a destination wedding of your dreams for a lot less than you expect. This is going to be a once in a lifetime adventure and the beginning of a beautiful life together. Your friends and family will gladly cooperate in order to give you and your future spouse such a unique and wonderful gift.

With careful planning and patience, you can do this. It is worth the effort because your union is worth the effort.

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