Wedding Parent Albums: the PERFECT Thank You Gift

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Your parents raised you, were there for you (most of the time), and helped to shape you into the man or woman you are today. Nothing says Thank You more than a beautiful wedding parent album as a gift for their undying love.

There are several different wedding album options to make your parents (and grandparents) cry and shriek… making you a hero.

  1. An exact replica of your album from the same top-quality manufacturer. (25% off of price of your album)
  2. A clone of your wedding album design, in a smaller and more affordable size. (most popular)
  3. A custom wedding parent album where they get to chose 20 or 30 of their favorite images of the day. (ideal when they are buying their own album)

Photo Book Quality differences:

Press-Printed Replica Wedding Album:

This parent album is the most popular and affordable option. It’s also the easiest!

The companies I use are all professional & archival grade wedding books. The spine is typically glued and these books are thin. This ‘clone’ is an exact replica of the couple’s final wedding album, with zero changes in the design or photo choices.

Rochester Photography by Heather McKay's Photography

Press-printed custom album:

This is the same as above, however, the parent can choose all of their own favorite images, as well as either a photo cover or simple fabric cover.

  • Parent albums can have as little as 10 images and as many as 60 images. Prices vary with a number of images/pages.
  • To order, use the favorites folder in the web gallery with your choices and I will email the design for your approval.
  • Simple box included.
  • Albums are eco-friendly.

Photographic wedding albums:

These parent albums are printed on traditional photo paper and chemistry and therefore have the look you are used to.

Parent albums are either printed with one image per side and range from 10-40 images per book OR an exact replica of the Couple’s final album.

The books are thicker than the press-printed albums and are sturdier as well. The most common cover is a simple black leather cover, however additional options are available as well.

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Last, yet not least, are the fine art Albums.

These parent albums are printed with the highest standard ink-jet printing and are handmade. The albums have hand-sewn bindings and are extremely sturdy. The fine art albums have a plethora of cover options, with a matching clamshell box.

Wedding Parent Album Upgrade Options: