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For All the New Moms: Should we take her back??

newborn baby gets hiccups

#4: Welcome home from the hospital

What a day! Packing up all the stuff, waiting for the Doctor to release you, trying to hear and remember the instructions from the nurse, having to dress the baby for the first time, figuring out the car seat, watching your precious baby being tightened even more in that huge car seat, getting it all in the car…. Whew!!newborn baby gets hiccups

So now you are home, and the unthinkable thing happens. The baby does something you have never seen before, and you panic.

Do NOT go back to the hospital.

So George and I get home with our first. After the first diaper change, George is holding Stacie and she gets the hiccups. In goes the sternum much farther than you can imagine. George is afraid she will hurt herself, break a rib bone, etc. It was just the hiccups after all. But looking at her chest heaving in and out, we did worry. Thankfully Gramps came in and assured us that babies get the hiccups A LOT!! And their bones are soft, so they do not hurt themselves.

All will be fine. Relax, and get some sleep.

When people want to come over and ask what you need, go ahead and tell them dinner for 2 would be great. If they are a very close friend or family member, let them clean the bathroom!

You are all so lucky to have Google now with your new babies. Just don’t read too much so you terrify yourselves.

Next up: The baby’s first bath!


Till next time,
Yach y da!

~ Mom

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Another guest post for all of my past brides who are expecting their first (or second) child… by my Mom! As a mother of six, I consider her to be an expert. Hopefully one of her six stories will help make the process a little easier so you to know what to expect when you are expecting.