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For All the New Moms: How to Have a Smooth Delivery

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#2: How to have a smooth delivery experience

Hi ya’ll,
Hope you enjoyed my intro to my guest blog posts on family planning tips. I also hope you are signed up with and are actually reading the stories.

Just recently, I went through all that with my daughter, Grace. What knowledge is available for you!! She thought it was a hoot to have had a conversation with me, then 2 days later… there’s the article.I am sure that as the pregnancy goes on, you want to shoot people who compliment you on your “glow”. After several months of puking, greasing yourself like a stuck pig, looking in the mirror to see kankles above your feet, and not being able to shave your legs… need I say more?

Now comes the scary part. Giving birth and having a smooth delivery experience. With my first, I was just plain clueless. By the last, I considered asking to be put down ahead of time! The important thing to remember is that every delivery is different, with the same outcome (a greasy purple baby.)

what to expect when you are expecting for a smooth delivery experienceBe a bwitch!! this is YOUR delivery, so do it the way you want. Want drugs? Go for it. Want people out of the room? Kick them out. Do not hesitate to yell. If their feelings get hurt, too bad, so sad! This is about you.

  • The first thing to ask for after the birth, is a glove filled with ice for your bottom. Have them change it every couple of hours.


  • Get the pictures


  • Then eat!!

We all do fine in the end. You can’t do anything wrong!!

BTW, I did have several deliveries that didn’t hurt much. What a gift 😉

Till next time,
Yach y da!

~ Heather’s Mom

what to expect when you are expecting for a smooth delivery experience

Another guest post for all of my past brides who are expecting their first (or second) child… by my Mom! As a mother of six, I consider her to be an expert. Hopefully one of her six stories will help make the process a little easier so you to know what to expect when you are expecting.

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  1. Trisha Romano Osuch

    I’ve watched the video of “mom” at least 100 times and it still puts a huge smile on my face. And good news that licking dogs don’t hurt a baby, I imagine my 3 fur babies will be dying to kiss the lil’ nugget when he/she gets here. I love these posts!

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