For All the New Moms: Sleep??? What is that?

Another guest post for all of my past brides who are expecting their first (or second) child… by my Mom! As a mother of six, I consider her to be an expert. Hopefully one of her six stories will help make the process a little easier so you to know what to expect when you are expecting.

 put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign up so you can sleep in the hospital

#3 Sleep??? What is that? How to get sleep in the hospital

 put a 'Do Not Disturb' sign up so you can sleep in the hospitalNow that your baby is clean and you have gone to your hospital room, eaten and are sitting on ice, it is time for some sleep.

Times have changed!! My first babies were kept in the nursery and I shared a room. Now you get to keep the baby and all the relatives that show up all at once!! Sleep? Really? In the hospital??!

Yes! Let them give you a kiss, have their picture with the perfect baby, and ask them to go down to the ‘family area’ or a nearby restaurant for a meal. Ask them to bring you back a milkshake and take their time. Dad can stay if he wants to and you can all sleep. Grab those little 1 – 2 hour snippets. They will be all you get for weeks.

When the nurse comes once a day for the baby’s bath and check-up, put a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign up so you can sleep in the hospital.

You will soon go home to reality, so sleep!!

~ Yach y Da!