October 8, 2008

New eco-friendly fence!

General Living

Well, my new eco-friendly fence is finally here! I am SOOOO excited, as my old one was literally falling over! I’ve been wanting to tear down the old one since I bought this house 5 years ago, but this was worth the wait. There was also a dead Cherry tree and some poison ivy. Yikes!

Before:Backyard wooden Fence NY

Not only did I get a good deal on the labor, thanks to my awesome Cinema Groom Jeremy, but also I’m stoked to have been able to upgrade to an eco-friendly fence. This fence is not composite, wood or oil based and the company that makes it uses eco-friendly manufacturing. The fence won’t split and won’t need staining, painting or anything in the future. Also, it just looks nice.


non wooden fence alternative to pvc with EON fence made of recycled materials for a backyard in Rochester NY

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