October 19, 2008

Sometimes Random Spontaneity is Best

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So, I worked all day Saturday and just as I headed downstairs and away from the computer… randomly walking around the kitchen wondering what I was going to eat and what I was going to do for the evening… my phone rings. It is my sister. Her ex-boyfriend’s brother and his friend are in Rochester and in need of some direction as to where to drink and sleep. Yes, I can help them.

So, these two crazy guys decided, after hanging out in a bar in the other Rochester (Michigan) to go find out what the Rochester in NY was like. On motorcycles. In October. So, I give them directions to my house and then we’ll sort out the hotel and entertainment plans.

We all decide to walk over to the Tap & Mallet for a beer and dinner and the guys were super nice for paying for mine. Then we walked over to Boulder Coffee, as these two are ready to fall asleep. Bug Jar has some good music playing, so we make a plan for them to take naps and then head over there for the night. Yeah, none of that happened.

Over the course of these two locations, I find that these two guys are awesome. Super smart, super nice and really funny. We ended up hanging out at my house for the night after one of them decided it would be a smart idea to open the whiskey. There was a lot of fighting over who had better folk or punk music on the iPod, there were several games of darts, an attempted recollection of Cat Steven’s new name and many many banjo jokes.

All in all, I was really happy that my night had been hijacked by two wandering souls in need of a warm place to crash. So, now, if I ever happen to get delayed flying through Detroit, I’ll know who to call and my friend list on Facebook just got bigger. I’m that much closer to being a level 4 hipster.

motorcycle trip blogs

A whirlwind visit one random October afternoon by friends of a friend on a motorcycle and the 24 hours of crazy that occurred in the South Wedge.


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