Are Black Friday Deals on Metal Prints Worth It?

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I’m sure you already know about my love for metal prints. I’ve talked about them on the blog before.

A metal print will make your image come alive with color and impact, plus they are unique!

Most photographers are printing on canvas, which is fine, but every once in a while you’ll have an image that really needs something a little special. This is where we print a photo on metal for true wall art in the home.

Recently, I took advantage of a Groupon/Black Friday sale for some metal prints by a consumer photo lab to see what to expect if my clients print their wedding photos themselves.

The results were so SHOCKING that I had to show you in this video…

The difference between a metal print from a professional photo lab vs. a consumer lab.

It is really amazing how bad the consumer photo lab printed the image. Not only did the metal print arrive bent, and with scratches, it came without any hanging hardware.

From a photographer’s point of view, I was also disappointed that there wasn’t a white base to separate the metal finish from the image. My picture gets lost on the substrate and doesn’t have the impact that I’m used to getting from a metal print.

Metal photo prints are much more vibrant and sharp. They are a true statement piece for your home.


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Picking the Best Image for a Metal Print

When picking the right image from your wedding to print on metal, pick an image with vibrant color and tack sharp focus. Think romantic sunset wedding photos and sweeping landscape images from your wedding photographer.

Anything that will bring nature into your home is a great idea and the colors should not clash with your furniture or design aesthetics.

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Metal Prints from Your Wedding Photos.

What do you think about printing on metal? Have you seen one in person?

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