February 10, 2012

Maine Snowboarding

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I’m a big fan of crazy hair-brained ideas. Some of my best experiences in life were not planned…. This weekend was one of those.

Alpine Snowboarding at Sugarloaf Mountain

Rochester at Sunset

Wednesday, it was 50 degrees in Rochester, in February, which is just WRONG. So, I went for a run up to Cobbs Hill Park and posted a photo on Facebook that I should be snowboarding instead.

Well, 12 hours later, I was in the car driving to Boston and then to Maine to snowboard with a friend of friends!

John and I have a lot of old RIT friends in common and we officially met at Ian & Laura’s Rabbit Room wedding last October. When we hung out then, I remember thinking that I should have already been friends with him. So, when he invited me to snowboard in Maine for the weekend, I jumped at the adventure.

All of the stars aligned and it was one of the rare open weekends that I had. No client meetings or pressing work to do. I cleared my Friday schedule and hopped in the car after a Roc City Skatepark meeting and yoga on Thursday. Friday, I worked from John’s house near Boston while he was at work. It was a little strange being alone in a strangers house all day. When he got home, I felt like I should have had dinner ready and a martini to hand him at the door. Maybe it was more odd that I felt at home there. The view from his living room was beautiful, as he lives right on a lake.

Lynn Mass Lake View

Friday evening, we drove up to his condo near Sugarloaf Mountain stopping on the way at the ginormous L.L. Bean store. We arrived at his condo just minutes before his friend, Geoff, joined us for the weekend.

Saturday, we rode the mountain all day. It was a bit icy and pure hardpack, so I didn’t do very well. I also twisted my knee pretty bad with a failed exit from the chair lift. LAME. I’m still annoyed with my amateur-ness of that. Especially in front of a bunch of dudes I don’t know. Stupid girl move. Even though it hurt really bad, I kept going all weekend. Sunday, I fared better with no lame lift exit issues and I found a relatively challenging run that was fun and rode that until I didn’t pussy out on the steepest part. After that, I was fine leaving. Luckily, I wasn’t the first to quit on Sunday!

Geoff, Jack and John all ride with hard boots, or Alpine snowboarding. Geoff organizes a big carving convention every other year for these specialty (or NERD) riders and we discussed the prospect of McKay’s Photography being the official Photographer in two years…. East Coast Expression Session.

Alpine Snowboarding at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine

John and I headed back to Boston on Sunday and it was a sunny and cold day. He took me atop another nearby mountain so I could really get a good view of Maine (I’d never been). From there, we could see Sugarloaf too. Then we drove past a sign that read: “Sled Dog Race, Join the Fun!”…. so, of course we stopped!

Dog Sledding Race in MaineDog Sledding Race in MaineDog Sledding Race in MaineDog Sledding Race in Maine

The rest of the day was meandering and mellow and awesome. We stopped in Portland, Maine for lunch and when we returned to his house near Boston we were pretty spent. We sat quietly by the fire and listed to music all night. He educated me on exactly why his stereo system sounds so epically amazing. For the first time I really understood what Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon really was all about. There are no words.

An amazing day, gaining a new friend and just enjoying a real day off. Perfect.

Monday, I headed into Boston to have coffee with one of my Greener Photography friends and then lunch with my old housemates, Marc & Courtney, who were due to have their baby any moment! It was great to see them just before their entire world changes.

I left Boston, with everyone asking me to stay another day. Feeling very loved. Very blessed. Very happy that I was offered a crazy hair-brained idea.


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