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Want a better Valentine’s Day?

This Valentine’s Day, give your partner what they really want… and it might not be roses or chocolates… The perfect gift may be something else…

How to spice up your relationship, communicate better and learn each other's love language for a stronger bond and a better Valentine's Day

Is improving the quality of your relationship on your 2013 New Year’s resolution list? Are you ready to be a better partner? Or ¬†ready to learn how to be more thankful for your partner’s love?

One of my past Brides shared this totally fun / useful / cool relationship tool with me and I want to share it with you. Her Mom said that her own 30 + year marriage is now in the best shape it has ever been. So far it sounds hokey, right? I know, but check it out anyway.

Find out your love language here:

Basically, this little quiz points out what your ‘love language‘ is… or how you choose to show your love / like to be loved. As someone who is single at 38, I found it fascinating and actually very helpful! For me personally, I rated ‘quality time’ highest and ‘gifts’ lowest. Um, that is totally accurate… I went snowboarding on Christmas! Now I realize that though I don’t value gifts much, other people do, so I should probably start Christmas/Birthday shopping now….

Have you taken the quiz? Tried the challenge?? I’d love to hear your opinion….

Take the 5 week challenge here…