October 11, 2013

Vintage Film Portrait Friday: The Webbers


Vintage Film Portrait Friday: The growing Webber family.

Just under the wire, the Webbers had me over for a Sunday brunch to deliver their eco-friendly wedding albums… just a few days before they gave birth to a healthy baby boy! Talk about timing. I brought along my vintage film camera, the Mamiya RB67, in the hopes of capturing a sneaky film photo of the two of them (and Laura’s pregnant state). See, The Webber used to have a Mamiya himself and we both went to RIT together in the ’90s… We spent the morning looking over their wedding and honeymoon albums, looking through old family negatives that Ian has been organizing and he even showed me some fun old pictures from our days at RIT.

Fine art film lifestyle pregnancy photos by McKay's Photography

Check out their gorgeous, eco-friendly, custom and handmade wedding and honeymoon albums right here. The books are 13 x 9.5 and have matching layouts and styles. One is of their Rabbit Room wedding and the other is of their honeymoon to Pategonia. The Albums have an image on the cover and the covers are a slightly different shade so you can tell them apart when closed.

Pategonia Honeymoon picturesecofriendly wedding albums

newborn baby photographersFun Fact: I actually found out they had their baby on the following Thursday, from the most random source! I had a meeting at the Tap & Mallet bar to go over final details of the wedding for Emily & Tony and it turns out that Emily works with Laura. Apparently, Laura’s work baby shower was supposed to be that day and she didn’t show up…. because she gave birth to Liam! Ha! Then, to get even crazier, in walks Jane & Mike (wedding 2006)…. so I got to spread the news to them, as they actually introduced Ian and Laura!

Lastly, it was nice to see the Webbers at my last wedding this year, for Liz & Greg. Liam is a cute little guy and was the life of the party.



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