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Ashli and Logan’s day in the life portraits at Corbett’s Glen Park
Ashli and Logan planned the perfect elopement in Brighton and wanted to photograph their normal day-in-the-life with portraits at Corbett's Glen Park. Their beautiful son, Magnus, was there too. How wonderful to be there on your parent's wedding day? ...
a roundabout way back to Rochester
After all of the hoopla surrounding my CPP exam, the annual Northeast Convention and my bathroom remodel, I decided to take the long way back to Rochester and visit friends on the East coast. Boston, Cooperstown and Binghamton top the list....
Christmas vacation in Houston with the McKay Family and visiting old friends
Houston for the Holiday
I took a few days off around Christmas to visit my family in Texas. This was the first time since 2004 that the entire family was together for the holiday. I was able to squeeze in a very short visit to Austin one day and also take family portraits f ...
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