July 23, 2012

Joe Bean Coffee Roasters

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Last week, I stopped down to Joe Bean Coffee Roasters and bumped into a Bride from 2004 doing an interview of the owners! Seeing Wendy Mills from YNN was a blast from the past and it was great to reconnect.

Art openings in Rochester

You can see me in the background of the video, by the window, talking with Kathy…



I happened to swing through to drop off postcards for my upcoming art opening there and to take a few more film photos with my Yashica TLR camera of  beans and lattes for the upcoming show: Distilling the Flipside.

We reconnected and I was able to invite her to my 10th Anniversary bash in a few weeks. She was an early wedding for me and it is cool to think about how far I’ve come since 2004!

Here is a sneak peek at one film image I captured with my vintage Yashica camera for the upcoming art opening:

Joe Bean Coffee Roasters


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