How to Prepare a Formal Toast

Rochester NY Wedding Photographer, Heather McKay gives you tips on how to prepare and give a killer formal wedding toast:

how to prepare a formal toasts

(by Domino)

  1. Start early, at least a week in advance. Gather plenty of information about the person you are toasting, preferably something obscure so that guests are hearing it new.
  2. Stick to the 4 minute rule. A one minute speech about your best friend’s new husband will seem paltry, but a 20 minute monologue will have the audience fidgeting in their seats.
  3. It’s not about you. Keep the I’s and Me’s to a low roar.
  4. Be naughty, not raunchy. Most couples don’t want to hear about their most embarrassing moments in front of their Grandma.
  5. Wear something comfortable. Tugging at your outfit and fixing your hair will make ou more nervous than you already are.
  6. Remember to actually pick up your glass and ask everyone to toast the newly married couple.
  7. Stand near the couple, if possible. The guests (and Photographer) can see their reactions as you are speaking and the couple can hug/hand shake easily when you are finished.

How to Prepare a Formal Toast

how to prepare a formal toast