April 29, 2013

For all the new moms: How to give a newborn a bath

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Another guest post for all of my past brides who are expecting their first (or second) child… by my Mom! As a mother of six, I consider her to be an expert. Hopefully one of her six stories will help make the process a little easier so you to know what to expect when you are expecting.

How to give a newborn a bath

#5: How to give a newborn a bath, from my Mom

vintage 1970's family photosThe first time I saw a baby getting a bath, it was in the hospital with my first child, and the Nurse was showing us using a doll!
My mother-in-law was smart enough to have a visiting nurse come to my home to show me the reality of a moving, crying, slippery baby with a cord that is not suppose to get wet.

The very first thing I learned, is that you have to have a good grip on the baby. Using the ‘kitten/puppy hold’ around the neck and arms is a good choice. Also, the foam bath mat in the video below was great. If you don’t have that, just a few towels will do.
All my babies started out with baths in the bathroom/kitchen sink.

6 Things to remember:

  1. Pee first, have the water temperature right, towels and cloths, soap (remove foil under cap), a deep breath before you pick up the baby
  2. Rings and dings (phones and doorbells) will happen every time. IGNORE them!!
  3. Have 2 extra wash cloths to replace the one you drop and the one to wipe the baby pee on the wall (or you).
  4. Licking dogs do not hurt your baby.
  5. Older siblings will ask ‘What’s that?’ to every part of the baby.
  6. Expect to get wet.

All will be good. Relax after a while. It is a good time to ‘coo’ your sweetie, and after a year, bath time can be so fun.

~ Yach Y Da

Here are two videos for you today on bathing a newborn baby.

The first video is my Mom giving my new nephew his first bath. This is how you get it done down and dirty after you’ve had 6 children! We took this video on my iPhone so my sister could see the how-to. (We made her take a nap)  Rhys was just 4 days old… He barely has time to freak out before it is over!


This one is the very romantic and dreamy way to give a newborn a bath, so they feel like they are still in the womb. Good for your first child… or when you have tons of time.


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