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How do you become a successful Photographer?

I stumbled on this great little video just when I needed it the most. After 11 years in business, as a single, self-employed woman in an industry where every single person with a camera assumes they should start a business as a photographer, this was a great slap on the back and slap in the face. Perfectly inspiring on a rainy day listening to blues music….

If you are starting any business, or an aspiring artist, I highly recommend you check it out:

The video was found on

What were my take aways? These are things I already know, but really needed to hear again:

  1. do the work. work more than everyone else
  2. show what you want to sell
  3. you can be successful at any age, don’t wait for it
  4. be nice to people
  5. avoid debt and monthly expenses
  6. don’t doubt my ideas… it’s more comfortable to not try something
  7. go out on a limb on the big jobs, when you can’t fail. it has to work
  8. make a decision and stick to it
  9. don’t chase the money. it will follow if I’m happy with the work I’m doing.
  10. what can I do that no one else is doing? What can my pictures achieve?