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Artist Carolyn Probert in Africa
Auntie Carolyn’s African Journey
Film Friday: remembering my late Auntie Carolyn. As I head off to my bucket-list / trip-of-a-lifetime sabbatical to Africa this month, all I can think about is my Aunt Carolyn. She was my Mom's only sister, an artist, a very free spirit and she ca ...
Austin Baby Photographer
My Wonderful Nephew, Rhys and Austin TX
EEK! Gosh, I love my sister Grace and her super smart and cuddly baby, Rhys! I also love 70 degree days and wearing flip flops in January. Yup. I haven't seen this kid since the week he was born, so it was such a treat to be able to visit to t ...
Stock photos of Sedona Arizona by Heather McKay
Returned from the land of Sun!
Well, the rest of Sedona was pretty much the same... chasing sunrises and sunsets and hiking in between! It was seriously difficult to leave for the conference in Phoenix! Partially because Sedona was so awesome, and partially because I was at this c ...
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