July 28, 2008

When Lightening Strikes: Julia and Brandon’s Rochester Wedding


No one will be able to forget this wedding any time soon…. Talk about FREAK Act of God! The day was moving along rather smoothly, with impending rain that never did arrive, then all of a sudden…. the power went out during the reception! A lightning bolt hit the transformer that powered the Country Club of Mendon! So bizarre! We were all really happy that no one was hurt, and that we were able to get through the most important events at the reception before RG&E had to cut all remaining power.

lace wedding headpiece

It did put a crimp in Julia’s usual sunny demeanor, but she was a trooper about it! I still saw her laughing with guests and trying to make the best of the situation.

As the photographer, I was pleased if only for the selfish reason that all of the guests were outside in beautiful diffused evening light. There was a rainbow and a sunset. All of which would have been missed, had we been indoors! A blessing in disguise.

Real Rochester Weddings

The romantic ceremony went perfectly and was held at Holy Cross Catholic Church on Lake Ave. Afterwards, the Bridal Party and I went over to the carousel on Lake Ontario, and again, selfishly I was pleased that it couldn’t be running during a thunderstorm. Made for quick images and less technically challenging for me, as I didn’t have to walk on a moving carousel while trying to focus! The wedding reception was held at the Country Club of Mendon and the clouds and sky cleared up for a gorgeous evening.

I had a blast, and hope that Julia & Brandon look back on this day and laugh.

Take a look at their heirloom wedding album below. We created a custom, traditional matted wedding album with a black leather cover.

Bride getting ready on her wedding day

Holy Cross Wedding Photos Rocheter NY

Holy Cross Wedding Photos Rocheter NY

real rochester wedding photos of groomsmen

Fun Bridal Party Photos on vintage carousel

real rochester wedding photos at Country Club of Mendon

real rochester wedding photos at Country Club of Mendon

real rochester wedding photos at Country Club of Mendon

real rochester wedding photos at Country Club of Mendon

real rochester wedding photos at Country Club of Mendon


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