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Ashli and Logan’s day in the life portraits at Corbett’s Glen Park
Ashli and Logan planned the perfect elopement in Brighton and wanted to photograph their normal day-in-the-life with portraits at Corbett's Glen Park. Their beautiful son, Magnus, was there too. How wonderful to be there on your parent's wedding day? ...
Austin Baby Photographer
My Wonderful Nephew, Rhys and Austin TX
EEK! Gosh, I love my sister Grace and her super smart and cuddly baby, Rhys! I also love 70 degree days and wearing flip flops in January. Yup. I haven't seen this kid since the week he was born, so it was such a treat to be able to visit to t ...
Denver lifestyle Photography by Heather McKay
Denver Lifestyle Photography
whirl wind weekend in Denver, Colorado! It was an action packed weekend of snowboarding, two family portrait sessions, a geek out session with another client/photographer/friend and many hours in the Detroit Airport.
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