February 12, 2010

Green Wedding Winner!

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McKay’s Photography is very proud to announce the first ever wedding photography contest, which was for a Sustainable/Eco-Friendly/Green wedding in New York.

Fall Weddings in the Finger Lakes NY

And the winner is…. Sean and Brittany at the Wild Center! Sean and Brittany will be married in July 2010 at the Wild Center near Tupper Lake and I am excited beyond words to be photographing their wedding day! Congratulations Sean and Brittany! These two have won 8 hours of wedding photography coverage for their wedding day in July by McKay’s Photography.

* I was looking for a wedding in July or October that was eco-friendly and specifically offered vegetarian meal options!

Green Weddings at the Wild Center:

The Wild Center is committed to providing an environment friendly setting for your special day.  Therefore we:

  • Recycle all appropriate materials such as bottles, cans, papers
  • Use glasses, dishes and silverware in place of paper and plastic
  • Provide composting rest rooms on grounds of the museum
  • When necessary use compostable disposable plates
  • Compost left over food
  • Work with several caterers utilizing local and organic certified food in their menus
  • Work with local breweries and identify organic wines for your use
  • Provide the names of area florists who can provide local seasonal flowers and plants whenever possible
  • Have natural landscaping and the ambiance of the museum to provide most of your decorations
  • Provide linens from a supplier that uses Greenfield certified cleaning products
  • Assist in the purchase of carbon offsets to support alternative energy
  • LEEDS Silver Certification awarded in February 2008 – first  museum in New York to be awarded LEEDS Certification

Here is a little bit from Brittany about what makes their green  wedding eco-friendly:

“I always enjoyed the Adirondacks growing up. Every summer my family would visit Tupper Lake. Because of my Adirondack experiences, I went to school at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry for environmental biology and studied in the summers at Cranberry Lake, NY. For my Master’s degree I conducted a research project on moss and did an internship at the Wild Center where I educated the public about moss. Sean had not been to the Adirondacks until we fell in love four and a half years ago and now it is our most frequented escape from the city. Sean now will incorporate naturally found Adirondack objects into some pieces of artwork. The Wild Center was an easy choice for the location of our wedding.

The Wild Center is a non-profit organization that educates the public on the Adirondack ecosystem and sustainable, green practices.
The wedding ceremony will be held along side the pond behind the museum. Instead of purchasing store bought flowers, the bouquets will be made out of wild flowers and the location will not need decorating because it will be amongst the natural beauty of the Adirondacks. The reception will be held inside “The Great Hall” and guests will be encouraged to observe the museum exhibits.
The save the date’s and wedding invitations will be hand made by the bride and groom out of recycled paper. The wedding and bridesmaid dresses will be handmade out of organic cotton by a designer in NYC, Ryann, who’s focus is sustainable fashion (www.iloveryann.com). The caterer has not yet been determined, but the food chosen will be based on supplying local entrees, that will include vegetarian and gluten free options. Guests will receive a gift of a non-invasive tree sapling, which they can go home and plant in their yards and enjoy for years to come.
We have seen your photography and are simply blown away. You have made wedding photography an art and we would love to be focus of your lens.”

Planning a green wedding? The Wild Center in the Adirondacks is an amazing and gorgeous eco friendly, rustic wedding venue for unique wedding photos

Brittany Cronk 09:07 February 16, 2010
Thanks Heather!! Can't wait! :) We are very excited!
Sean Chilson 17:47 January 14, 2011
oh my gosh, are you serious? this is sooo awwwweeeeesssoooommmmeeeeeeeeee, amazing! I have to go outside and scream now!!! Thank you so much!!! this will be the perfect weddding!

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