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weddings at tupper lake's wild center by McKay's Photography

Good morning, wonderful BLOG readers… a real eco-friendly wedding on Green Bride Guide!

[chirp, chirp]

Haha, does anyone read this thing? Though I update it regularly, I don’t publish as much as I would like to. My desire is for this to be a resource, as well as a ‘hey look what I just did‘ type of a BLOG. Obviously when I get super busy, that doesn’t exactly happen. I am proud that I do update about once a week though. It is like a running resume of sorts.

Recently, I realized that I haven’t been keeping track of my publicity and exhibitions like I should. In college and after, when I was doing Fine Art Photography, I kept a detailed list of all published work and gallery shows. For some reason, being self-employed, I don’t value that progress as much as I used to. A shame, this industry is so focused on the next job, the next wedding season, etc.

So, here it is… my promise to myself to start at least using this BLOG to more frequently give myself and my customers props for a job well done. Anytime my images are used elsewhere should be a moment for pause and a sigh and a pat on my/my customers back. I certainly would NOT be where I am, and churning out the quality work that I am, without my super awesome customers who let me do whatever I want, take chances, get silly with them, pose them, etc. etc. etc.

The Green Bride Guide and McKay's Photography bring you a  'Real Wedding' feature on the The Green Bride Guide! For Eco Friendly Wedding in the ADK.




Though each and every job teaches me something new, and I am happy with the work I produce with all of my customers… it is actually very time consuming, difficult and a bit of luck to get published.

Enough rambling for one day. So sorry. Just wanted to give a shout out to The Green Bride Guide and Sean & Brittany’s wedding for getting their wedding as a ‘Real Wedding’ feature on the The Green Bride Guide! Super cool.


What was your favorite resource for planning your wedding? Website? BLOG? Friends? What website did you visit most?

weddings at tupper lake's wild center by McKay's Photography