Rochester Wedding Photography

Hi there. thank you so much for swinging by McKay’s Photography. So, you have begun the daunting task of hiring a wedding photographer in the Rochester area? Great! Do you enjoy truly documentary images that capture the essence of a person and a real moment? Do you want to have fun at your wedding? Imagine everything running so smoothly…. Would you like to completely trust your wedding photographer in order to create unique and dynamic images that are your real moments, not just a picture you saw on Pinterest? Then I’m your girl.

Boldt Castle wedding photos

Who the heck am I? My name is Heather and I’m an art-focused story teller with the goal of documentary wedding photography that enhances your memory of the day.

What do I do? Challenge the status quo. My interest is in redefining traditional wedding photography in Rochester and beyond and pushing the limits of what you think you want. All the while capturing images that you didn’t even know you couldn’t live without.

How do I do it? By giving you an extraordinary experience and visual documentation of your wedding. By the end, we will be fast friends.

My specialty is in documenting offbeat or small, intimate weddings in the Finger Lakes, Buffalo, Rochester and the Adirondacks. As an established photographer, my hands on approach will ensure that you not only remember your day, but also have tons of fun. Formal portraits are efficient and I gently guide you along the bigger moments of the day…

Wedding Photographer Rochester: Heather McKay