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McKay’s Photography offers a one of a kind, fine art film family portraits for the super hip new family interested in true heirloom wall decor. Are you looking for unique to you newborn, high school senior, and family portraits that will stand the test of time?

My goal is to capture the essence of your lifestyle with your new and growing family. I provide intimate and authentic family portraits that will give your child a real sense of time and place… when they themselves are having children. Together, let’s plan a weekend getaway for a personalized day-in-the-life portrait experience.

Each step of the way, we will tackle the naturally stressful, yet important task of creating meaningful heirlooms, however not just a few snaps for Facebook. As a middle child of 6, with my parents getting married at 19, as an adult I long for all of the pictures of them with me as a baby, them holding my other siblings…. perfect little vignettes into a long and happy marriage together. The day in the life pictures are always my favorite. From us watching the Easter Parade to wrestling on the living room floor with my Dad, these are the images I grew up with that burned memories into my heart. Together, with a little planning, we can create these classic film family portraits for your children to cherish and in the meantime, provide adorable holiday gifts for the new Grandparents to enjoy.