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Gallery Salon & Spa’s Grand Opening

Gallery Salon and Spa is the best rochester wedding makeup and hair

Oh, Erika… onward and upward! Below, here she is (pregnant and photographed on film!) in front of the original location for Gallery Salon and Spa on University Avenue. It was a quaint little house – turned salon and spa. It was cozy and everyone felt like they walking into the front door of their best friend’s house. Erika has always been an inspiration to me. Her love of vintage and of art, plus the fact that she started her business while she was in her early 20’s… my love for this fellow Leo runs deep.

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And now, after 9 years, Gallery Salon and Spa has moved down the street to Elton Street into a space that is big enough to fit Erika’s larger-than-life personality. With just a little hint of Pinterest inspiration, the new space has a rustic / industrial / vintage feel.

Gallery Salon and Spa is the best rochester wedding makeup and hair

It was fun to help her hang up all of her collections of vintage hair dryers, mirrors, scissors, chandeliers and beauty advertising. In the new space, each collection finally has it’s own space! It is amazing that everything fit in the old space!

Fun fact: I also helped build one of the pallet walls, redid the Gallery Salon & Spa website and their business cards.

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Double fun fact: these ladies have taught me the joys of an eyebrow pencil (or waxing), false eyelashes and how great I look when Amy blows out my hair into soft curls.

If you are looking for a relaxing mani/pedi, hair and makeup for a hot date or are just in the mood to check out Rochester’s hottest art, I recommend Gallery Salon and Spa! Hands down, the fastest salon to churn out a bridal party and always gets them out on time!

Gallery Salon and Spa in Rochester




Gallery Salon and Spa in Rochester