Swaddle to Waddle Baby Plan

Congratulations on your new addition!! This is a very exciting time in your life and will go by in a blink of an eye.

I capture the best moments with real-to-life portraiture and create custom heirlooms of this new phase of your life with your growing child.

McKay’s Photography offers an exclusive Swaddle to Waddle first-year baby photography plan to down-to-earth families who enjoy family outings, hikes through a park, camping and relishing in life itself.

My specialty is with children under 5 years old. Though I don’t have children, I’ve been around them all of my life and they are putty in my hands, even when you think they are holey terrors.

I’m acutely familiar with all the different stages of development (not to mention, in tune with what you are going through). The entire process will be planned out from the beginning so you can relax and spend more time with the new bundle(s).

photographer Heather McKay

I highly recommend you REGISTER for baby photography with your favorite photographer.

When you are out of work, holding that new bundle with a flood of emotions, you’ll want a million images of your new addition yet won’t have the extra cash. Besides, that baby will be naked most of the time anyway… so skip the abundance of newborn clothes and go straight for something you will actually cherish.

The diapers get tossed, the clothes get donated to the next expecting family, however, these photos will get passed down to your new child when they are expecting a child!